CSA caused me to go bankrupt

December 2, 2014

Previously i was self employed. Hving to pay for 2 children. I was averaging an earning of £32 a week for the period the csa were harrassing me about due to a period of 9 months that tax year of no work or bad weather.

But based on the fact on the odd occassion i did get a full week work and earnings which was about £220. Which as i said was rare and my earnings for the whole of the tax year were around £1500 after expenses.

The CSA in their wisdom insisted out of the average £32 a week i should be paying £71 a week. What a complete bunch of total idiots!!!!!! Just impossible so therefore i business was bankrupt and since then i have spent over 18 months out of work. Great job CSA.

They wouldnt take into account the fact i was also trying to support 2 children who lived with me and wouldnt take into account the fact it cost me £60 every fortnight in diesel to go and collect my children for a weekend and take them back so i also then lost time with my kids aswell.

Meanwhile my former partner was living the high life, claiming income support etc while also working for cash on top which i provided benefit fraud with video evidence of and not only thar, the kuds wernt even living in tge same home as her cos she moved in with a new partner and left kids with their nan, altho she still claimed the child benefit and tax credits.

The whole system is a complete joke. Anything a parent without main care pays should also be deducted from the benefits the parent with care claims. Surely that would save the country million.


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