CSA case not even started yet by the CSA

March 8, 2012

I applied to claim Child Support Payments on the 20th January, whilst i understand the shocking fact that a CSA case averages about 26 weeks to set up – unfortunately my case has not even started this process yet.

According to the CSA due to an error on my national insurance number whereby the paternal mother claimed against me in the past (strange as she never had the children), this stops the claim from being raised.

The CSA raised an issue with their IT department on the 20th Jan to which they received a reply yesterday – over six weeks later, with a fix that did not work, therefore the whole process must start again, which includes raising the problem with IT then waiting six weeks, then if it works we can start the 26 week progress of setting the case up. To be honest i have settled for the fact I will never receive the money – which it TOTALLY unfair on the children…