CSA can’t even get simple admin tasks right

November 15, 2015

Csa have been taking my tax credit info from 2011, the amount has dramatically changed since then.

For the past year I have called them 7 times, sometimes the phone call would last 45mins.

Each time I ask them which year they are taking my tax credits from, each time 2011, each time no it’s changed, each time time ‘we will recalculate’ and ‘call you in 2 weeks’

Each time they do not call me I called up 2 weeks ago and asked the man to look up the notes from my calls. I asked shouldn’t this have been changed? he says ‘yes’ why hasn’t it bee changed he says ‘I don’t know’ I will change it and call you within 2 weeks.

Here I am 2 weeks later, no call or anything, worse than this I have changed my job and I want to tell them, but what will happen this info???