CSA can’t do the simplest of things correctly

October 28, 2015

I have been battling with the csa for several years now, but the most recent have been the worst.

Earlier this year I received my usual statement from them, which I noticed my protected income was £0.00, basically meaning if I happen to be off work for any reason they can leave me with ‘sod all’, so I phoned them and after several minutes of listening to their rubbish I decided to put in for another assessment and I also asked my wife if she would give her salary details, as I was told it would not be used to pay my child maintenance, what a load of rubbish that was, we’ll when the assessment came through my payments went up by £40 a week to over £150 a week, yes you read that correctly £150 a week, not a happy bunny, what’s worse they take it from my wages and I’ve never had the chance to pay directly.

Well the next time I contacted them was to discuss this new way payments were to be conducted, direct payments, they informed me that they were trying to encourage all clients to arrange payments between themselves, so I asked how to go about this as I don’t have any contact details for my former wife, they said they would contact her and see if this would be a consideration, after several weeks of not receiving any information I call the csa again (July this year), they said the letter was in the process of being sent, how silly was I to believe that. Three months later I had still not heard anything, so again I phoned them, to find out that they hadn’t sent any correspondence to my ex wife, now there’s a surprise, I am assured that they are going to attempt to phone my ex, yeah right, if that fails they are going to write to her, I suppose that will take another 3 months, what are we supposed to do when simple things are not being done, this is beginning to get on top of me now, to the point of just getting a gun and shooting myself, these people are supposed to be there to help us all, after all we’re the ones paying their wages.