CSA calculated earnings based on overtime, meant I overpaid

July 14, 2012

My ex wife had made her application to the family divorce court to sort out maintenance arrangement however half way through the process she decided to make an application to the csa.

Unknown to me the csa contacted my employers even though my ex wife and I was at the family court, got my earnings with massive of overtime(needed to pay solicitors fees) and then clased this as regular pay. Thing is when you are not doing overtime you still have to pay the same amount. In the end I had to bring my MP in to speak to them as they refused to speak to me and kept making demands.

My MP managed to sort the problem out which now ment no overtime, reduced wages and expensive to have my children every other week end. The problem then continued with the csa saying I have outstanding payments and I should bring payments up to date.

After a few months of this I got fed up with them and ask them to send me payments made to them and csa payments made to me now gready ex wife.they said they can send me details of my payment to them but will not send me payments they have made to my ex wife.

Unknown to them I hade details of they payment which showd that they was making deductions and passing it on to my ex wife even though it is advertised that they simply pass it on. I approached them with this evidence and they came back with computer error!

I give a big shout to all those dealing with the csa ask them for a copy of payments to make sure they are not making deductions as they are doing so.