CSA bullying me into leaving my job

May 23, 2015

Back in november 2008 i was contacted regarding payments on my current job at the time and was told to send in my wage slips which i did.

Unfortunatly i was made redundant 5 days later without pay this was stilll added to my total i went on the jsa this was added to my bill ihad several interveiws but to no avail i was then employed in 2011 on a 6 month contract so i called csa who took my details earnings and wage slips then i heared nothing for until i received a bill after my contract ended.

Apperently thats my fault it was now may 2012 i found full time employment and called csa and again gave details and instruction to remove from my wages it was november when i received my bill which i cant afford to pay.

I have offered £60 a week which i can afford but now their searching for my file to back up my complaint its been 2 weeks and still nothing not only is the CSA incompetant they are also bullying me into quitting my job as then i can afford to live barely surely £60 a week is better than nothing.p.s the reason i left in the first place was she committed adultery.


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