CSA Bolton just fob me off over payments

June 7, 2012

Where shall i begin? My son is 18 years old, and the first few years of his life i was recieving csa from birkenhead. Everything was going fine, although my ex partner had a habbit of changing jobs every 6 months to avoid paying, cause they had to keep looking for him.

Then one day they sent the case to bolton, and ive had no end of trouble ever since. I had a phone call from bolton when my son was 10 telling me due to family circumstances my ex can no longer pay, and they closed the case, and they said they wernt allowed to tell me why.

A year later i got them to relook at the case and all theyve done is fob me off ever since. My ex went to court back in nov 11, because he told the csa porkies about working he was found guilty. The chap that was dealing with it the investegater of csa collected info and wage slips in jan 12, and told me he had sent it back to csa and to phone customer services where they would help me, but it went back to bolton and it starts all over again fobbing me off.

I phoned them in march was told they dealing with it and it takes 12wks. I phoned back in may was told a case worker would ring me 1st june, no one did. I phoned back on 6th june and was told that its been dealt with and in april his circumstances had changed again and then he tells me that i will recievce no money.

Althought csa payments stop when the child hits 19, im still owed arrears from 2004 and feel i should be paid them. I’ve now been told to send email to birkinhead as they will listen to what i have to say. All i can say is dont listen to a word bolton say, thankyou for reading this sorry its a long verse.