CSA blames me for not paying

February 2, 2011

I used to pay privatly until my ex started demanding more and more money. I contacted CSA and started paying them. Since then I have had 2 more children with my current partner, They took months to sort out the correct payments. Stopping the DD’s to correct the payments and not setting them back up. They would leave it 2-3 months without telling me I hadnt paid, I would then contact them and say that the DD was all set up. They would blame me for not checking with my bank if the payments had come out or not – Im not one to check my account, we go food shopping, pay bills and that it – no money for anything else so I never checked.

In the last 4 months (now my youngest is 1 and a bit they have messed me around again. I called to change my bank details, signed the DD form and sent it back. This failed they left it 3 months again without telling me. I agreed to pay an extra £50 per month to pay the debt off, which meant they needed to send another DD mandate out, Haha what a joke that was.

Again filled it in and sent it back, this time I got a letter saying DD was set up and coming out on the 15th. Ok left it with that even though I asked for it to be on the 4th but its painfull talking to CSA. Guess what the DD did not get set up and now they have gone straight to my employer making me look like I dont want to pay CSA without any warning despite me trying to contact them to sort it out. When I do call all I get is your case handler is not in – we will get her to call you back, which of course never happens. now they are taking more money out and I am under real pressure to cope with my living family. I dont want to escape paying I just want a fair deal. My ex has a working man, she works. I am the only one which works in my family as my partner looks after the children, take one to school and so on.

CSA are unwilling to assist me, I tried to raise a complaint which I was told had to be done on the web, went to their website and all you can do is raise a query about a non existing case as they will not help if it relates to a case. So I can not talk to anyone for help.