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CSA banned me from making contact after I tried to prove I’d been paying my ex!

This is a case of shocking behaviour from the CSA, I have always payed my way for my daughter through a private agreed amount into my ex account also giving any extra for whatever reason like holidays and school uniform.

all seems fine until I received a letter from DWP to tell me that my wages will be arrested for £455 pm for one year then £655 pm after until payments were met???? No warning no phone calls or any kind of contact with me!

I have been trying all ways to tell them that they are wrong and they need to investigate this.they say that there isn’t enough evidence to support a investigation and my daughter has been living with my mother for the last two years and they will not believe it and have band me from making any contact with them? So I have sent bank statements from the past 4 years back in December and not a peep to say they received them only another payday with no money left.

The worst thing is I can’t even afford to go and see my daughter because I live in Scotland and my daughter is Newcastle! All is not good and I am not sure how much more l can take I’m really depressed and feel completely helpless.

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