CSA arrears are wrong, what do I do before the bailiffs show up?

January 23, 2011

I was forced out of employment by the CSA after they contacted my employer to take 750 per month for two months to supposedly pay for what i owed, i couldnt stop this at the time and as i was spending most of my wages to keep myself in employment anyway, there was no way i could pay that so i had to resign.

The case went to court in May last year in which i met a CSA agent who informed me that the money due was incorrect and required to be recalculated, now because it went to court, she mentioned that i would receive a mandatory letter from the court explaining that case had been met with a result and then awaited the CSA to contact me with the new figure.

Last week i received a letter from a court enforcement agency talling me that i had to pay the money within 7 days or the bailiffs were coming to seize whatever they could lay there hands on???

This left me rather confused as i was under the impression that this had been resolved by the ex and the csa.

Obviously i have had to pay this amount and i have been stiched up big time, my daughter stays with me at weekends, i travel to my parents from london to Chester every weekend to see her and apparently my expenses to do so will come off the figure i usually pay for maintenance.

Non of this was ever taken into account and i was left with a big bill to pay which is obviously wrong? How do i go about having my side of the story heard?