CSA are useless, unfair and inconsistent

December 19, 2015

How long have you got

Dealt with them over 15 years nothing but hassle Never ever speak to the same person more than once , costs a fortune to contact them .

They only ever see things one way even when I became unemployed for a brief period of time I asked the question how is it you can calculate a person to pay X amount for 1 child when once you become unemployed you are expected to raise a family and a home with other children in less than what you were paying for one child living with an ex .

No answer to it and a lot have people have been driven to mental health problems inc suicide just to find a way out . As a father you are not expected to live but to just contribute to your ex me and my ex had joint custody so I asked the question am I not entitled to maintenance from her as she is from myself.

The answer was no chance only she gets payments when we both had our child the same amount of time.


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