CSA Complaints

CSA are taking my money and can’t even tell me why!

Called the CSA last week to inquire why they are taking payments direct from my wage. My Children are now both men and in their twenties.

Apparently they say it is for arrears but as yet no one can tell me how much or what period this is from. After a very long period on hold (when I should’ve been working) some one came on the line and said he was going into a meeting and couldn’t help at that time. He said he would call me back Saturday. Saturday came and no phone call so I called in again only to be told no one in that department worked Saturdays. I requested another call back. Waited all day Monday. Nothing! So I called back today (Tuesday) 40 minutes and counting I am still on hold wasting yet more money on the CSA.

Eighteen years of pure Hell, 1 nervous breakdown, several very long bouts of depression, unemployment and I can count on my fingers how many times she actually allowed me to see my children through that period.

Back to the present… 42 minutes later my call is now dropped.

Did I die ages ago and go to hell or am I still alive? I’m not sure I can tell!!!!

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