CSA are punishing me for their incompetence

December 6, 2017

Paid my csa by direct debit every month on time until the present organization took over early this year. This is because they couldn’t gain any details from the previous organization and couldn’t decide how much i needed to pay. This took 3 months before they finally work out my payments.I set up a direct debit to my ex via the account details they sent me and carried on paying again on time every month. Now they have had a review because i have worked extra hours and told me my payment has increased and it will be by their pay and collect service because i have not paid and missed payments???, i sent them proof of payments from my bank account which covers all payments apart from the 3 months it took them to come to a decision on how much i needed to pay. So in my eyes i never missed a payment because i didn’t know how much they wanted so surly this isn’t my fault and shouldn’t be punished for their incompetence. This pay and collect service is an extra 20% on my payments that i’m already struggling to maintain.I don’t know what to do anymore as even when i try and explain this over the phone to them they don’t seem interested.