CSA are making me pay for a child that isn’t mine thanks to ex’s MP father

November 12, 2015

I was married to a MP’s Daughter for 7 years during our marriage it was found I could not father child so we decided to go for Sperm Donor and I signed the paperwork agreeing to the treatment, during treatment we sepurated as my wife was caught having an affair, several months later I was told she was pregnant and it was the Sperm Donor Child so we got back together for approx one year before she got caught again….

I have a letter from a guy to my ex wife saying he had been told he was the father to the child as it was him she was having the affair at the time.

My Ex Wife went to the CSA and even though the DNA has proved the child is not mine and I have this letter from this other guy I have been forced to pay CSA, the child is now 19 not 18 and I have just received a letter to state what I was told by their college over the phone that I did not have to pay after his 18th Birthday but infact they have extended it a extra 11 months.

The CSA have taken thousends of pounds. I told the CSA he was not in full time education from the age of 17 as he was living with his GFriend but they didn’t believe me they said I had to give proof, I said he don’t live with me but they didn’t care as my ex’s Daddy gets everything done to help his daughter to Claim Claim Claim, My Ex has been done for Fraud and attempted murder but Daddy gets her Record Cleaned and she gets top jobs.

I have had to pay full CSA I had a well paid job but the CSA took loads for a child not mine, I took them to Court but my Ex’s Dad come to court in all his MP Medals and his followers and I had no chance because my Ex Wife still has this letter where I signed for this sperm donor agreement even though she has told me on several occasions the child is another guys.

The CSA does not help innocent people like me, if its not hard enough to know I cant have a child but to pay for a child who has had no contact with me and pay csa full time makes my blood boil.