CSA are apparently introducing new rules and regulations

August 21, 2017

I recently heard from the child maintenance service that they are introducing new rules and regulations in the near future, can you please tell me what they are.

Please note: the following two newspaper articles I have sent out regarding my own personal circumstances of suffering from the diagnosed progressive neurological condition called Bipolar which has rendered me unable to take up active employment for the rest of my life from the age of 47. If you have any advise or comments on the following articles please feel free to give them to me. Also feel free to republish these articles on your website / chat room etc.


Here’s a new one for everyone to put their teeth around.

The ‘Child Maintenance Service’ said to a vulnerable disabled father who has issues of self-harm and suicidal tendencies, “WHEN YOU’RE DEAD WE WILL COLLECT THE ARREATS FROM YOUR ESTATE!”

This even when high court bailiffs could not even collect credit debts under the new rules and regulations over dealing with vulnerable disabled people.

The CMS also explained the options for enforcement were that “despite your wife not being responsible for your CSA / CMS arrears they would pursue a claim against her inheritance, alternatively they would transfer the liability order against the property or they could force your wife to borrow money against the house to pay off the arrear, or force the sale of the house via bankruptcy!”

They also explained that if the father went to court to set aside and revoke the existing court liability order and the judge revoked the order on the grounds of the fathers progressive illness which renders him unable to return to gainful employment, they would appeal that decision as a judge cannot revoke a child maintenance liability order as it conflicts with child maintenance law. They also explained that “the child maintenance service does not have the right and privilege to revoke a court liability order and right off any outstanding arrears itself, without the permission of the claimant”, usually being the ex-wife.

Disability Discrimination

I know we have several solicitors and barristers out there who deal with child maintenance cases! As a presiding judge or representing a client involved in the case. I am dealing with a case where a person diagnosed with a progressive neurological health condition has £13,538.41 of CSA arrears behind them! Due to their progressive illness they have been assessed as a vulnerable person who could self-harm and violently harm others or commit suicide in the future.

Their CMS case has been closed down as the CMS say they cannot collect any regular payments or arrears under the circumstances but unfortunately as the “ex-wife” refuses to agree to revoke the court liability order, the arrears liability order will remain live for the rest of the disabled persons life, 30 years or so. The stress and anxiety of this liability order hanging over the disabled person is not acceptable! In fact one could consider that it could lead to such vulnerable disabled people “committing suicide” .

However the CMS say they cannot revoke the court liability order and if the accused brings a case to court and the judge revokes the court liability order against this disabled person, it contradicts child maintenance law and the CMS will appeal with all its resources to overturn that judges decision.

The court liability order will remain open and live until the disabled person dies and then the arrears will be collected from their estate. The child maintenance service hereby stand accused of “discrimination against a disabled person” and causing “unnecessary harassment and intimidation” , until their ultimate death . What concerns me most is that a judge has no lawful right to revoke a liability order against a progressive or terminally ill disabled person.

It is also apparent the CMS make bias judgments and invoke the absent parent as “guilty until the prove their innocence” .

Please remember the CSA and CMS was deliberately set up to reduce the government’s social security handouts to single parents. This is the under pinning aim and philosophy and agenda of the CSA and the CMS, unfortunately they have taken great efforts to protect that philosophy by repeatedly changing the rules and laws when an absent parent has found a loop hole and successfully challenged them at court that’s why there have been five different schemes throughout the child support agency and the CMS is considering a new one.

Doesn’t this all seem so familiar like the big rumpus over ATOS health care and CAPITA over welfare benefit reassessments and the leaked government report exposing how many vulnerable disabled people have committed suicide overseas losing their ESA / PIP entitlement.