CSA and manipulative ex are crippling me

February 10, 2016

Met the mother of my supposed child in late 2001. Slept together at the start of 2002 and had a very passionate start to our relationship. Had moved in with her withing 2 weeks and all seemed to be amazing (naive I know) We then found out we were going to have a baby early February which we were both made up with. A great deal happened in the following months maybe too much to detail here but the short of it was that it was put to me by friends that all she really wanted was a baby. She decided to sell her house and return to Blackpool without even giving me the option to go with. She informed me that she knew how to manipulate the system or me. I am not named as father  on the BC which apparently I do not need to be?? I asked to come to blackpool to be her birthing partner but was refused. I have never seen my supposed daughter or been offered access to her. I have no idea where they live as only went to her parents house twice in the short time 6 months we were together.

I have been hounded by the CSA for payments. I sought leagl advice a year later but was told I had no chance and it would cost me a small fortune (which I do not have then or now) Since then at one stage received confirmation letter stating that I was no longer required to make any payments to CSA. Then a year later to find out that they started to collect payments direct from my wages before I even see any money and it has crippled me not only financially but is destroying my relationship of 7 years with our 3 year old daughter. What can I do? Can I challenge payments I have never seen my supposed daughter, I have no idea she is, never been offered access. I did complete the form with my contact details to be passed on to my ex but had nothing back. I am at breaking point what can I do??