CSA always blames their computer system for errors

August 30, 2012

My husband has to pay csa for his first child which is the problem I have. The problem that I have is that I find them rude and not willing to help when your paying for your could. I have contact the csa numerous of times and asked to speak to manager and guess what never returned my called because when someone from the csa department confirms on the phone that you have no more arrears to pays and then receive a letter saying that you have extra amount to pay and when try to speak to them they say the follow:

It’s the system on the computer that works it out The system just thought that you had payed the previous month If you start paying weekly you will owe more because it has not taken into account the previous weeks before

This I find is so annoying and that at some point the csa should take blame when was previously stated in above you have no more arrears the csa should take blame for giving false information. There is no wonder that people get into arears because they are always wanted more money of you when you a trying to do right something should be done and not be allowed to get away with it. They are so quick to judge and get in contact with you but when you ask them to call you back it never happens should not be allowed to treat people like that and be so rude and blunt on the phone.

What I am trying to say is that m husband shouldn’t have the extra money as I was told that he was up to date with payments.