CSA act and no-one is accountable for incorrect actions

January 5, 2017

I was paying maintenance under a court order from 1991. They now say I owe £50838.65.

As you will see from the following log from the CSA system that they haven’t exactly been hasty in dealing with my case. Given the sum of money involved it is reasonable to expect details of the alleged arrears considering I was paying maintenance through the courts.

The information below is from my case file and shows they haven’t a clue what they are doing.

3 October 1993 – A letter was sent to me at XXX, however I was not residing at that address as I was renting property at XXX and did not receive it.
23 March 1996 – It is recorded that the IMA was incorrect as there was a court order in place prior to the CSA calculation.
15 December 1996 – It is recorded that IMA effective date was incorrect due to a court order being in place.
9 April 2002 – CSA wrote to court regarding the court order.
12 April 2002 – CSA received letter from court stating that the court order was still in place until Childs 17th Birthday.
6 June 2002 – Received letter stating IMA liaison team would investigate all aspects of the case.
20 February 2003 – Met with a face to face officer and went through my case in great detail. I explained I had been complying with a court order. Officer said he would get back to me but never did. No from this meeting, and no further action?
2 January 2006 – J Harrison closed the case.
1 August 2007 – Logged, case closure due to child benefit no longer in payment.
14 August 2007 – Received letter confirming case was closed.
20 August 2010 – Logged case closed by case pilot team 2 Kirkaldy, take no further action.
14 October 2010 – Received letter stating they are reinstating the arrears. Letter also said they decided not to collect due to my circumstances at the time. My circumstances did not change so why would they reinstate the arrears.
14 October 2010 – Received letter stating legal action would be taken if I did not pay the arrears.
21 October 2010 – I contacted the CSA and spoke to Susan Johnson who told me she would investigate my case and get back to me, although she never did. Nobody attempted to enforce payment of alleged arrears.
5 September 2011 – Recorded that IMA was never converted.
23 March 2012 – Recorded that liability end applicant does not wish to continue claim.
5 September 2015 – Received letter stating that I owe £50,838.65 in arrears. Contacted CSA again and was told they will investigate and let me know the outcome.
23 November 2015 – Contacted CSA again and was told they will investigate and let me know the outcome.
12 September 2016 – Received letter from CMS stating I owe £50,838.65. I Contacted CMS and was told that I need to take it up with the CSA as CMS do not have access to my records.
6 December 2016 – Received further letter from CMS telling me to set up standing order for a payment plan of £20.00 per month.
12 December 2016 – Contacted CSA to explain CMS had referred me back to CSA. I was advised to ring CMS back and ask what the CSA are supposed to do given all my files are with CMS.
12 December 2016 – Contacted CMS and was advised to put the reasons why I am disputing the arrears, in writing.

It would appear nobody within CSA is certain whether I am liable for arrears or not so the passed it to CMS anyway. The alleged arrears relate to my daughter who is now 28 years old.

I have written to them but don’t hold much hope as they are not held to account .