CSA accepts my ex’s lies as truth without any evidence

October 5, 2012

My partner of 19 years changed her orientation 5 years ago and paired up with a woman plumber who had been doing some work in our home. I was not unhappy in that she had made my life hell for years. I left her our £350k home and moved to another. When she moved her friend in, my 4 children then 11-17 years moved to live with me.

She then went to court to gain custody of the younger 2. All children were seperatly interviewed (which is clearly correct) and on return the judge said to my former partner that she could not have custody and that ‘while you have a right to appeal young lady, I must also tell you that you have no chance of success’.

She promptly completely disappeared with her friend – not contact with her family who are super, let alone our children who were therefore completely looked after by me and my new wife who thankfully they love. Since then (&before) I have paid all school fees/University fees/rents/spending money and for all their holidays at a close average figure of £50k pa. Then a year ago she contacted the CSA who awarded about £30 pw and said to me ‘don’t worry it will never be any more’! ” months ago, after protestations from her they informed me I should give her back oay of £6000 + £600 pcm ! I explained that she pays nothing other than bus money for my youngest (now 15) -when he is with her – which is about 40% of the time.

They simply stated they were accepting her evidence (false though it must be) and not mine – without even visiting or attempting to verify the truth. Basically they are completely dis-interested in the truth (though I am sure they tell everyone what a wonderful people they are). My son asked his mother for £10 for school trousers last week & she said she would take it from his savings ! I continue to pay all bills for my children – while my ex-partner, her friend and ‘their child’ sponge off us – money that should otherwise have been used to further the careers and lives of the children the glorious CSA believe they are supporting – idiots !

Well done to the government as well – you are responsible and clearly completely disinterested any any real justice. I’d like to think one-day a minister might be blagged in the same way – but of course I am sure within their circles exceptions would be made !!!