Country-hopping ex avoiding paying for his kids, and CSA let him

September 18, 2015

I have been trying to claim for my 3 children since 2002. I wrote to my local MP after waiting 4 and a half years for a case worker. This did the trick and I was assigned a case worker within 48 hours and their father had been contacted, this was in 2005. After contact was made he did a moonlight flit abroad and had been there for 10 years, no longer in their jurisdiction there was nothing they could do, even though it was an EU country. He has just moved back to the UK so I contacted the CSA to inform them, they asked for all my details and I provided them. Only to them be told sorry we cannot complete security goodbye, and hung up!!!!!!! 13 years of NO payment what do I need to do to get him to pay for his children??