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Contradictory CMS needs to be abolished

I’ve written a few things on this site before I have had the misfortune of being involved with Cms since 2014 From 86 per month on my yearly wage Reasonable Now 87.per week from my bank account from my overdraft Which their own guidelines state we cannot take monies from an overdraft

7 letters from my local mp over their oppressive and abusive practice

2 tribunials both rejected

Contact costs rejected

17 months on a doe greater than my weekly wage and I’m still arrears by their collect an pay system I had a fba in place agreed by Cms when they said I had to pay 9 x as a standing order I did that That also.was rejected and the first doe was 378 from 1000 Now 435 is 50% of my nett income and the statory taxes are 18% Then in two taxes That’s 68% of my nett income If I agreed to this unrealistic contract I would have had to work 80 hours overtime paid statory taxes not got my 435 back but my gross yearly income would increase and so would my child support payments by 100% Which is racketeering and profiteering practice which both are abusive practice Now Cms won’t answer me when I’ve said my income wasn’t enough but it had been for 22 years in employment so they can make a % charge Which was greater than my child support payments My contact costs rejected as the crow flies ?

No Google maps say it’s what it is

Not Cms we can reject because we can

10 months out of work because Cms cannot see that it’s abuse to not have a disposal income being denied independence a home contact a job a car Nobody would go to work for 50% less of their nett income It’s unrealistic unreasonable contract to be put into a dishonest company That just gives mis information or mis leading information false promises and is in Controdiction to their own guidelines and code of practice Cms might not see that the nrp and pwc are both customers of this system And consumer laws should be in place Because this is fraud And goverment stance on fraud is its fraud nothing else Being forced or priced out of employment because Cms need more and more Is dishonest As a parent both parents need to be assessed on yearly income taxing a single person to poverty is not the answer and not in my children’s best interests.

My children loved being in my car Cms it’s a luxury sell it an pay your child support When does duty and oblingation become financial abuse by cocersive control Just lacks common sense dignity equality diversity and it is child abuse If the nrp cannot have the disposable income how can he mostly he Afford to maintain a lasting relationship with their children So it’s another best of intentions gone lost in translation My child support payments are not 50% of my income So why have Cms said it was Pwc can give your children Xmas presents when they stole the kids Xmas money to buy presents for a surcharge

No this system needs to abolished Not about people or children it’s about tax on children And nrp is not a person just a non entity to be exploited at 50% of their income And use children as a comodity to justify that action Which part of human rights is missing in this system The loss of dignity mental stability a job transport and mostly contact Because the pwc can use this system as another weapon of hatred and by financial means Which is oppressive and abusive practice Just daft and not what the csa or the Cms was intended for The nrp low income has a national insurance number a tax number And a p60 Which states taxes paid Doe by the treasury did not show on that form So hmrc dwp and Cms are not woring together Because if they did they would have seen that it’s abuse to be denied an income or 68% in two taxes is excessive

Appeals dont work contact Cms that doesn’t work get hung up.on because they cannot give an answer Magistrates that didn’t work either To appeal against the ex cess I’ve doe Pwc won’t agree Then are hands are tied It’s just bullying and scare tactics Over money Now your on benefits it’s only 7 per week No your action has denied me an income only an allowance that wasn’t enough on And the 7.50 Minium wage act states 7.50 should be enough to live on And how could I have 60% nett protected earnings if you wanted 50% from my bank account and from my overdraft Just lacks knowledge.

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