CSA Complaints

Contradictive CSA taking too much from my son

mysonpaysmaintenance thru cma for 1 child and has 2 more children whome he pays direct to he as a new job which is on fourteen and half hours contract a week minium pay he as always paid maintenance so cutting it short they are taking 308 pounds a month direct from his wage but when he received a breakdown of payments it was for all 3 children but was paid to the one who went thru csa and still had to pay direct for his other 2 children.

csa keep saying they have not received all information asked for even tho they sent all paperwork back thanking him so they are taking money from wages that he was earning in 2012 which he was earning 350 a week but now he doesn’t get much more a month so they take 308 pounds every month leaving him with not enough to pay rent gas elec council tax or food so we got the mp involved as no one is listening to him so needles to say he is getting deeper in debt I help him as much as I can but I am only on a pension its a nightmare been fighting with them since dec 2015.

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