Constant mistakes from CSA Bolton

October 24, 2011

My ex husband has not paid a penny for 6 years, Bolton and there incompetencies again closed my case and i put a complaint  in back in 2006 they then opened it as a clerical case which was also a nightmare for them to find it on the system,I have put in numerous complaints over the years and eventually my ex was asked to provide his accounts( yes you guessed it self employed tossers)after a year of asking him and threatening action i believe he provided some vague figures to Bolton but someone from the agency had worked out a figure from his inland revenue accounts info.Ex still failed to pay so it was sent to enforcement in 2008 it has been there now since this time and it has taken up till June 2011 to send the Baliffs to arrest him on a no bail warrant,he was taken into custody and he gave them some cock and bull story that the figure they had was wrong and Bolton had his correct accounts so the judge adjourned the case to 27th sept 2011 ,ex turned up but again Bolton had not sent his accounts through to Noel the court presenting officer so again the judge adjourned it till 20th December 2011.

I am now being told by the enforcement dept that Bolton emailed them on 4th Oct a year after being asked for his accounts that my ex is out of time whatever that means and they are now frantically trying to sort something out before his next court hearing because i am being told that if all the details are not provided on 20th Dec the judge will throw the case out.Can you believe this so through the in competencies of Bolton my ex will get away without any action being taken what’s all this we hear about imprisonment and suspension of driving licence why is this not happening my ex must love the fact that the CSA are so crap because he gets away without paying for his daughter.

I have reported this to my local MP but i don’t hold much hope something really needs to be done because the only people who are losing out are our children who truly believe that if their father wont pay for them he must not care about them which is what my child says to me all the time and i suppose the fact that he has not seen her or contacted her for the past 6 years proves this..