Considering giving up work due to foolish CSA

May 17, 2015

Csa are a bunch of fools. I should be starting a new job wednesday i sat down amd worked out my exspences and it seems by the time i have paid out bills tax ni.i am minus 156 pound a week.

Even the guy down the jsa said it was rediculas. Job was 20000 a year 50 hours a week with a 28 mile round trip.they dont even care that i have to travel to the isle of wight to see my kids every weekend which puts another 40 odd quid a week ontop of my minusbill.

Thec csa took all my last wage from my last job which i had to leave after 5 years due to a slipped some idiot on the end of the phone at the csa put that i was still working when i was actually singed offf sick. So have applied for all my telephone call transcrips.over a month ago.

I am now seriously consiconsidering not working untill my three boys are all out of also rattles me that my ex wife who now lives in a 4 bed 3 story brand new council house who claims disability allowance for two of my boys who have learing difficulties.whos partner who lives at his mums whopops round at the weekend so it ddoesn’t affect her benifits who is also claiming carers allowance for my boys for the past 5 years.

Today i broke down in the job centre i dont know what to do i cant take much more and feel worthless and ashamed my poor wife works so hard and feel asthough i am a burden to her.

We want to have a child together but i cant see how we can afford it. Doesnt help that the jsa mucked up my claim and have also had a two month battle with them in two month i have had £ 62 out of them.