Complaining to CSA for 9 years with no luck

June 18, 2012

I have been complaining about the CSA neglecting my claim since 2003′, I involved my MP I 2006′ I have constantly persued my issues on the grounds that mt sons NRP is I. The army and the treasury are duty bound to clear outstanding maintainance.

I have been ignored for years then I discover the special payments guide set out by the enforcement commission where I am elidgeble for a huge claim. I was also making a claim from the CICA held up by police corruption. The CSA worked in conjunction with my MP and the police, they set a trap with my babies father and his evil mother who is an NHS CPN once I made an application for maintainence, they illegally stopped my payments after two months so I set out to gather information and was issued by a harassment warning by the police and they preyed on my mental health problems exassabated them and tried to take my baby from me.

I forgot I’d wrote to my MP on the 29/08/09 requesting help with my CICA problem, the letter begun dear MR Jones, the police breached the VCOP my little boy was almost killed , I became so unwell I started a project on my home I need the money the CSA owe me to rebuild my life.ect. My MP’s PA sent me a bundle of documents last year to support my claim and the letter was inside. The CPN who’d been breaching my FAA with my GP stole it from my home and is blackmailing my MP whom is making my life a misery.

I am so scared that no one will help me I don’t no where to turn, I would really like the chance to tell my story as my suffering is inhumane.