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Comapny pocketed my contributions but CSA say it’s my fault

7 years ago I contacted the csa to arrange payments as my ex wife was claiming she didn’t get them, I wanted a recordable (apparently bank records do not suffice) means that I pay maintenance.

Because I was the one who requested and for the reasons why, they suggested an attachment of earnings as it was more backup, didn’t cost me anymore and I saw the benefits, so I went ahead with it.

Unfurtunatley the company I worked for deducted the funds, changed their company name and didnt pay the csa what was deducted (didnt help that the csa did not tell me they were not receiving payment), the director was fleecing the company of funds and sending them abroad, so now the csa/csm whatever they are say I am still accountable for the debt because I should have known the company was about to be liquidated! The amount is over £4000 and now i have an attachment of earnings to recover the debt because I told them I wont paying the arears again, even after numerous conversations over the years where twice they have said I’m not accountable, they’ve now decided I am, surely this isn’t legal, could someone please advise me on this?!!

I will add I have always paid maintenance for my son, even when the ex wife prevented me from seeing him, I went down this route to prove I was paying because of the kind of person she is, with another attachment of earnings ready to clear me out I cannot afford to work, this system stinks!!!

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