CMS taking mother’s side despite evidence!

June 18, 2021

My partners Son attended college for just 8.5 hours a week and we had written confirmation from his college tutor which we sent to both CB and CMS by recorded mail . CMS will not remove his Son from the case all the time CB is being paid and CB have not responded to 4 letters.

We filed an appeal at tribunal in Dec 2020 , involved our MP ,complained to ICE and reported CB fraud . In the meantime CMS have issued a deduction order against my partners bank even though we have been disputing maintenance liability for over a year. CMS ALSO FAILED TO RESPOND TO COURT DIRECTIONS TO FORWARD A RESPONSE TO HIS APPEAL WITHIN 28 DAYS LAST DECEMBER AND HAVE NOW BEEN ALLOWED A FURTHER 28 DAYS TO APPEAL SOME 5 MONTHS LATER … What a joke!!

We have so much supporting evidence to prove national eligibility rules which are clearly defined on GOV.UK which state CB will pay for a child up to the age of 20 who remains in full time education of more than 12 hours per week.

There is a serious flaw in CB POLICY which doesn’t require any evidence from the receiving parent that the child attends college for more than 12 hours a week.

My partner has been desperately trying to resolve this dispute for over a year in an attempt to avoid wasting valuable court time.

By receiving CB the receiving parent is then entitled to working tax credits , child tax credits and child maintenance.

This benefit fraud is not being recognised.

We have spoken to CB helpline several times and they always confirm we are correct and that CB is not eligible under 12 hours per week supervised study, but that’s as far as it gets . They cant even provide an email address or direct postal address for us to send all the supporting evidence again to ensure the facts are acted upon.

CB and CMS simply believe the Mother is telling the truth based on ZERO evidence.

Still hoping justice will prevail eventually , but the stress and anxiety this has caused is overwhelming.