CMS is a business and only cares about making money

February 25, 2019

Where do I start I’ve had nothing but hell from the old CSA and the new CMS I’ve been paying now for over 16 yrs, This new CMS is a complete joke I’m constantly on the phone about fictitious arrears wrong payments wrong calculations ,I’ve proved god knows how many times that there wrong with letters they have sent me ,I asked for a complete breakdown of all my cases ,this shows how much I should of paid over the years ,I’ve proved these wrong ,and where my previous partner said I hadn’t paid her ,but had bank statement to prove but guess what the arrears are still on there.

I’ve never missed a payment ever and proved this but arrears still pop up ,it’s got to the point now it’s made me I’ll with depression anxiety ,recently they got my earning complete wrong even though they have the HMRC final yr and sent me a letter saying we are using your earnings of 28k and are continually using this even though your earnings from HMRC are 20k I’ve never want 28k this has come from a argument from a case worker who was extremely rude and very unprofessional I made a serious complaint against her ,then a week later I get smacked with a deduction s of earnings order and they just take what they want.

I’m now on long term sick because I just don’t know what to do as the take 40% don’t give a damn as what we pay out and they still take 40%from SSP and this if fair when they are wrong ,doesn’t matter how much you send or prove the CMS is a BUSINESS they make money from us now don’t forget this ,the whole thing in my opinion needs to change I get that some parents with the kids need the extra money but when your partner has remarried as triple the income you have coming in and still in my case my payments a month for 2 kids where 106 per week not including there fee to take it ,and they can leave us in financial trouble ,is a joke we can’t do over time because we get hammered the yr after I cant go on 2 or 3 hols a yr I just think it’s unfair when the other partner has remarried or has long term partner who lives at the home and have 2 full time incomes that we get treated in this way nothing will change and more or us will be in financial ruin loose our home and work case end there life I could go on for ages about other issues I could actually write a book I feel for ever one man or woman that has to deal with this BUSINESS they are there to make money plain and simple.