CMS deletes evidence so they can threaten you

June 13, 2017

Child Maintenance Service, “Yes your guilty till you prove your innocent”, it’s all change at the CMS, in the old days with the CSA they would have your case file on archive, just like the family divorce court keeps a copy of your divorce proceedings for years! Just like an ordinary business keeps it receipts and invoices for several years! But wait the CMS service doesn’t keep case files, this reduces the need for warehouse storage and administration.

After a Tribunal hearing, the CMS shreds the paperwork! Thus if a situation or investigation occurs in the future, the paying parent cannot request a “subject data request” for a copy of the case file so ‘NACSA’ can independently audit the case file to make sure the CMS has taken into account your financial situation and added the sums and payment liabilities up correctly!

This cost cutting DPA avoidance strategy also shows itself when you receive a phone call saying, “these arrears, how do you to pay!” and you reply, “last month we went to a tribunal hearing and a proposal was made! In front of the judge and the CMS representative!” You then receive the comment “Oh, I don’t know anything about a tribunal hearing, my computer doesn’t say anything about one!” Then you say “Oh! Don’t you have my case file or don’t you ‘scan’ documents and load them onto my digital case file? So you can see every page on your computer screen?”

“No!” is their reply “I’ll have to obtain a copy of your tribunal hearing, what was the ‘SC’ number of your hearing? Then I can order a copy”.

“I don’t have it in front of me, but if you contact your court representative Mrs ‘Blar Blar’ and ask her what she did with her 500 page copy of all the evidence including payment reciepts, bank statements, medical reports and evidence my son had left school and my ex-wife was fraudulently trying to claim child maintenance payments by BARE FACED lying to the CMS by saying he attends collage over 11 hours a week, when he attends less than the qualifying legal limit of 11 hours.

“Ok I’ll see what I can find” (CMS)

Then two weeks later after receiving a threatening demand letter for the arrears you recieve a phone call from a new “HAVE AGO”. “Harassment and intimidation” call centre staff member to ask, “hello I just called as we haven’t heard from you over making your arrears payments”.

You respond by saying, “where is the man I spoke too who said he was going to get a copy of the court order thing and investigate it?”

“Sorry! I don’t know anything about that! The computer doesn’t tell me anything about that. I’ve just been handed this case.” “So how would you like to pay”. (CMS)

“When you get the case file out of your ‘archive dept.’ and investigate all the evidence, then you can get back to me and we resolve the issue of the arrears”.

“I’m sorry, but are you refusing to make a payment arrangement, otherwise I have no other option but to send it to ‘enforcement’ and that will mean a court hearing” (CMS)

“Do what you like! And while you’re at it give my regards to Mrs ‘Jean Smith’ the women’s rights activist leader who is the governments advisor for the CSA / CMS and who set up the CMS and its procedures and policies, she also runs her own single mothers group to advise them on how to navigate and maximise their CMS claims while she is the representative to the CMS ‘stake holders’ for the performance, productivity and monthly government target attainment statistics of the CMS.

Obviously despite the CMS using PO BOX numbers it wasn’t long before we found out what secure security guarded industrial site your officers are located at? Presumably just in case of a verbal physical attack against your staff by a divorced dad because of your unaccountable behaviour at the CMS. I would also like to mention I have contacted the “DIRECTOR GENERAL” of the child maintenance service with a subject data request and he confirmed that since the CMS was set up they have not prosecuted a single mother and fined her £1,000 for giving false misleading information to the CMS and making a fraudulent claim!

Yes! In a court of law such behaviour would be classed as “perverting the course of justice and contempt of court!” But at the CMS its water of a ducks back”.

So I’ll wait for someone else to call me demanding payment or a court hearing or the high court bailiffs at the front door!

Obviously you know from my non-existent case file at the CMS that for the last 10 years I have been diagnosed with Bipolar and I am unable to return to gainful employment for the rest of my life, due to my unacceptable erratic, uncontrollable, aggressive, violent physical and verbal out bursts due to my progressive neurological health condition with erratic manic and deep depressive mood swings of self-harming behaviour!

But then again of course you do, because you have a copy of this case file and my doctors, secondary doctors and forensic doctors medical reports were included in my tribunal case the other month! (debtor)

Two weeks later, a letter threatening legal action to collect the debt, or you receive a phone call.
“Hello I’m just ringing you about setting up a payment to clear the arrears you owe!” Oh I see sir, I didn’t know you had already spoken to us! I have just received this case and I have no information about that in front of me!” (CMS)