CMS decided to up my payments to an extent where I may lose everything

November 15, 2016

My problems started when the csa changed to the cms. I have religously payed 160 pound a month for 14 years and when the csa stopped and the cms took over they told me I had to pay 450 pound a month. When I phoned to question this they told me that it was based on a wage from 2 years ago when I did a lot of overtime and for a different company.

Last year I was made redundant for 11 weeks and was then employed by the company that bought out my old company. I now have no overtime so my wage is considerably less than the one they based it on. I have sent them my p60 from last year and was told they would not accept this. I then sent wage slips to prove my earnings now and they refused to change my payments as my wages were not 25 percent less than the wage they incorrectly based it on.

I have tried to explain that as this is a new policy it should not have to be 25 percent less than anything as it is not a wage change but to no avail. I have put in an appeal to the courts and have now found out that the waiting list for a court date is 27 weeks! I told the cms that I cannot afford the payments and they told me to pay what I could afford until something can be sorted. I have payed my ex 200 pound a month for the last 6 months direct to her. I have tried to persuade ex to let me pay her this amount direct as it is more than before and all I can spare and she refused.

I have now been told that the cms have put my payments on click and collect which incurs an extra charge of 80 pound a month and they are now telling me that they are going to take this new payment of 530 pound a month plus the arrears of 300 pound a month straight from my wages. I have pleaded with them not to do this as I will not be able to pay my mortgage or feed my current children and was told, quote “oh well, if that’s what you have to do!”. I don’t know where else to turn.

I can’t understand how this corrupt government can let this happen. I am at my wits end and it is affecting my health and my relationship with my current wife and my beatiful children do not deserve this. What makes it even more painful is that my ex cheated on me and kicked me out and left me with nothing but a lot of debt that I am still trying to clear 14 years later and my son with her has wanted nothing to do with me for about 8 years through no fault of my own and he will be 18 in December and finishes college in May. So the cms are going to leave me penniless and homeless and probably alone for 6 months of payments.