CMS are now ignoring my calls as well as making me suffer!

November 28, 2016

The cms are now not answering my phone calls and when they do We are only following government guidelines Which it’s not because they have a moral obligation to be fair and to show fair practice It’s just a nightmare the whole contact vs support payments A code of practice which every company is governed by and a standard of practice which are both government legislation Cms are in breach of both Of course all parents have to provide it has to be amerceable and affordable Being employed a home owner and paid taxes and regular contact counts for nothing because it’s a law to its self Then the child support reforms needs amending Putting able parents out if employment for excessive chargers is not what child support is about The principle of chikd support is children’s needs If an employed father cannot provide because a company can deny a living wage Then the children suffer they may gain with pwc having my living wage Is that fair on my children to be denied Xmas birthdays or even a holiday because daddy is a bank My kids know I’m poor but they can read can engage in activities that don’t cost money riding a bike local urban farm the local park or the beach But that does not give them treats or rewards The lack of dignity the lack of respect If you cms want prosecute me then ok Enough is enough Your action against me is fraud being instructed by dishonesty Says your cms is dishonest.

£55 reduced to £33 per week with £22 removed from the bill I’m not arrears and I’ve paid all action is fraud Dismiss my local mp involvement the judges decision in a tribunal Letters of grievance stating your companies action against me is abuse.

£84 a month has risen to £378 a month in two an half years My wages have not grown by this much £7.77 and a 140 hours a month contract.

I’m suffering and my mental health is being effected by cms lack of moral obligation That my children are people not numbers to exploit money from me for the hostile abusive ex partner who has out hatred into my children’s heads Who has denied reasonable contact with each other Threat of being arrested if I go and see my children My son and daughter sing denied contact on their birthdays with their dad Because the hatred in the mother but can exploit my wages backed up by the cms.