CSA Complaints

CMS are a waste of time and money!

He is a good story – relates to the CMS. My ex wife opened a case against me for a dispute of £88.60 having refused my offer of mediation and free counselling to resolve our differences – her income £65k. It was her that hadn’t contributed financially The day after she opened the case she told the CMS she had no intention of collecting any money from them or following their advice. The case was opened to control me After fours months the CMS tried to cancel the case as they could see she was wasting their time.

Incredibly they then found THEY couldn’t close the case because they didn’t the legal powers to do so and my ex wife then held THEM to ransom for a further four months before our MP got involved when she quickly dropped her claim. Not a penny collected by the CMS and a file approaching 800 pages.

What a waste of public money !

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