Clueless CSA’s poor service is causing animosity between partner and his ex

April 5, 2017

We are constantly contacted by my husbands ex who claims the CSA have contacted her with higher amounts that we owe. We are never contacted by the CSA and constantly have to contact them to check this is correct. We have spoken to them numerous times and numerous people who havent a clue why they she has received the letters (which we have seen) and that we don’t owe extra.. a few months pass and we are slapped with a higher figure being told we have to pay extra and that we have missed payments!!

Twice this has happened now in my bed a year and nothing has changed bar us having another child together (so surely they should go up not down?!) the amounts they have sent us are luckily also less than the amount in the letters sent to my husbands ex. This however then causes friction in the co-parenting between him and his ex as they are often squabbling about the fact the payments are wrong.

With a young family and myself on a low income due to maternity, my husband is the main earner. We can’t afford for them to swap and change their mind constantly and not notify us of changes.

They appear as if they have no clue what they are doing which has a huge detrimental effect on families. They already take out more than we can afford to pay without them adding arrears onto the account! When you try to Make a complaint to them you then go round in circles to which no end is reached.