Clothing and after-school care

February 24, 2012

Help. My ex-wife has never provided sufficient clothing for my children (10 and 6 – shared residency). I have had to provide supplementary clothing and school uniform items since we split 6 years ago. She basically provides the absolute bare minimum school uniform and no clothes for when the children are with me ,so I pick up the pieces and buy what she should be providing.

She unilaterally pulled the children out of after-school care on the days whan I have conatct with them, even though they had been attending for years. I cannot afford to pay for that care as well as the £427 a month I already pay her, so I have to rearrange my working day so that I can work from home, collect the kids and give them something to keep them occupied, then continue working. I cannot go on like this.

I asked her again recently to reimburse me for clothes. Only clothes from Asda for £57 –  nothing extravagant. She flat refuses. Yet when my kids were with me last week my daughter took home some knickers becasue she has run out of them at her Mum’s house.

Isn’t my maintenance supposed to pay for this stuff? The CSA tell me I can apply for clothing money to be reimbursed, but my ex- can state that I made a gift of the clothing, and so it cannot then be reimbursed. This is madness. I feel like I am being bled dry. Please help me.