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Child’s father won’t pay towards upkeep

We have been married since august 2014 but he wants a divorce.since February 2015 he has stop paying any money towards the upkeep of his daughter.he works full time and does loads of overtime even works on his days off.lm a full time mum and only receives only child benefit and child tax credit.he does not pay for any food for myself or his Childs food or nappies or anything else his child needs.everyone I have spoken to told me to get in contact with you buys his own food and if I ask him we need nappies he will buy the smallest pack.he has lied about what he earns I saw his wage slip and he took just over £1600 in one month possibly more.he does pay the bills rent etc.he works for NSL he’s a CEO can you help as when I’ve asked him he claims he can’t afford it.he used to pay me £47p/.we do still live together in separate rooms.

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