Child’s father tells CSA when his pay goes down, but not up

October 13, 2012

My child’s father (Andrew Berrett) is not telling you’s when his money goes up (but is really quick to tell you’s when his money goes down).

When he makes little money he is contacting you to tell you’s this, however once he’s done this and you have sorted a new payment he is then putting his hours up again and not contacting you’s and failing to provide the correct amount for his child. Which means he is paying the minimum when he should be paying more.

I can sort it this time through proof from his solicitor as I have it down in black and white and need it back date to the 3rd when I 1st contacted you’s about this matter which you’s are sorting at present. In the future as me and Andrew do not no communication and have nothing to do with each-other and don’t have solicitors at present I cant find out about his work changes and its my main worry as I cant afford to live at present and very much have no choice other to rely on his money to provide for our daughter with what she needs.

However Ive been told that theirs nothing you’s can do which I find unfair and im now looking in trying to find out away to prevent this happing to my self in the future as well as other parents because the women dose right in allowing the man be part of the child’s life, choosing to putting them on the birth certificate and helping them with father hood, is their anything you can do before I take my matter further to the papers ???

Thank you hope to here from you soon