Child Support Agency Strike

April 26, 2008

April 24th this week saw parents in the UK having to take a day off as teachers throughout the country went on strike. Despite the 12 weeks a year holidays and the working day of 9:00 – 3:30 they felt they deserved more pay and disrupted the whole country.

It wasn’t just teachers that went on strike, as April 24th became the biggest day for industrial action for two decades within the public sector. The coastguard, Job Centre, Benefits Agency workers and of course the Child Support Agency all went on strike.

One 24-year-old mother said:

I do not think any teachers should go on strike. I have been sent a letter warning me about my children missing school and then some teachers go and have a day off themselves.

Once again the needs of our nation’s children are put on the back burner by teachers and the CSA in favour of their own monetary desires.