Child Support Agency served wrong party paperwork

August 7, 2011

I have been trying to collect child support since 1994 when my son was born and now after I followed all the rules and did every thing I was supposed to do . because the child support agency some how served the wrong person the court papers the judge has somehow made the deadbeat jay j. cox only start paying child support from 2010. where’s the justice and my sons rights. who makes these laws that allow these low lives that only worry about them selves. I ask how do they sleep at night and why are they allow to get away with doing this, and then they have the nerve to lie under oath. I want justice for my son and myself. I am banking on that money to pay for my sons college.

Now what do we have, nothing thanks to that judge, where did she study that this seems fair. they don’t do any investagating and do these employees at the child support agency even have a clue.this just shows me that the system doesn’t work.when the innocent are the ones that pay and the parent that has to take all the burden is left to fent for them self. What kind of world do we live in??

Discussed in San Jose, CA


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