Child Support Agency in the US hangs up on people

September 14, 2008

We received this email today from Cindy Krauchun in the USA.

I need some help i live in California and i get my child support of Illinois what happen was California sent a order to Illinois for medical order and Illinois took it for child support this is the second time they’re holding my child support from my kids for a mistake done between both states each state is blaming one another. Illinois told me that a carol sheppard from California told them to close my child support case in Illinois back in march. She denies it all i want is my kids to get they’re child support again my ex’s wages are garished and they get direct deposited they blaming each orther please help i also closed the med-cal insurance in California because noone can read orders I’ve been hung up on and people are so rude I’m the middle man. So you go after dead beat dad’s what about dead beat agencys

cindy krauchun
54 madrid place
san ramon ca 94583

im calling the governor’s office in both states and the television new also this is crazy