Child Support Agency Board Members

July 29, 2012

Hi Everyone… I came across the following contacts while on wikipedia and thought that all written complaints should be copied to one of these individuals (or more if electronic correspondence) so that they may see what the real problems with the CSA are….

It may achieve nothing but going by this website (and many more)… no-one seems to be winning the ‘war’ with the CSA…

Child Support Agency Board Members (as of July 2012) included:
Noel Shanahan, Chief Executive
Simon McKinnon, Information System/Information Technology Director
Angela MacDonald, Customer Director
Ian Pavey, Human Resources Director
Chris Forster, Operations Director

Good Luck


  • I really think the child support agency should not be sitting with people payments in there bank for weeks on end and giving excuses that they are stuck on there computer system. Instead get payment allocates as soon as they come in. The child support agency must make a fortune in interest by doing this. Roll on the new company taking over as maybe they will work faster and to dead lines.

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