Can the CSA be charged with harassment?

January 27, 2015

Hi guys csa,cms contacted my work 6 months ago told them they was taking £179.80 direct from earnings each week.

After many calls to the CSA about how i have to pay so much for one son was beyond me and they said I have £4000 in back payment for the last two years witch I knew nothing about.

I split with my sons mum 5 years ago after2 weeks she got married and stoped me from seeing my so so had no contact and she lied to the CSA I told them the truth and they just said we dont believe you then I received a letter stating my sons name is now changed.

Then on November 28 2014 a new case opened for a potential daughter just paid for DNA test not got results but now they have joined the two wanting £90 a week being harassed by the CSA I’m now self employed witch make them more determind to get the money for a daughter that prob isn’t mine but the mum said I am even tho she got a injunction when she was born against me a son that name has been changed I have been told on his birth certificate having many chats with CSA over last month I’m now 5000 I dept …witch they have just pulled out there ass as they don’t even know earnings or any thing.

I find the CSA a total joke and a wast of time and they lie so much …can we get csa done for harassment and other question is if the CSA dont pay money out how can I owe them and I pay tax’s and they get child benefit and every thing els dam there better of Tha I ever will but cant she kids but hell have my money.