Can my employer take money from me without me asking?

September 1, 2012

Just a quick one. I’ve just gone back into work and have sent my first 4 weeks pay slips off to the csa about 6 weeks ago, i receved them back on the 21st of july.

Last nite 24th august i recevied a phone call from the csa asking why i was not paying nothing on this. I asked to speak to the payments department and was told my company had been told to deduct money, which they havent they then asked for payment which i refused as it could of been joe bloggs calling the woman then went on to say it was my fault that no money had been payed over the last 6 weeks and that they would get in touch with my employer again on tuesday 28/8/12.

Can my employer start taking money from me without asking? If i never received any paper work from the csa who do I complain to????