Can I pay my daughter directly rather than CSA?

November 14, 2011

My 17yr old daughter has lived with her father since September this year. It took me 10 years when she was little to get him to pay his way, I piad for all child care as I worked full time, dabcing classes and uniforms, clothes etc basically everything! he never once helped out in those 10 years and the CSA were usless, it took them 12 months to finally catch up with him and when they did he then quit his job so he didn’t have to pay! I was then awareded £5 a month, oh I was overjoyed-NOT!

Since my daughter has been at her dads I have been paying her £80 a month and pay for her clothes and books as she is at college, I know he still hasnt helped her out as she tells me these things. Lat week a letter from the CSA dropped throigh the door, well I was gobsmacked as I already help my daughter out and the gets the Child benefit for her too. It makes me sick to think I will have to pay him £200 a month from my salary as I know it will go o his other 2 kids and girlfriend (she is envious of me and has spoken aloud of her envy as he think’s im loaded and tells me I spoil my daughter. I work hard and basically she doesn’t work at all so that’s why. They really are like a pair of Jeremy Kyle rejects and I resent paying him as he went 10 years of our daughters life without paying a penny! For a father to give up his job to spite supporting his daughter is disgusting.

Does anyone happen to know if the Monthly payments I make to my daughter into her bank can be taken into account? and can I claim back the first 10 years of no support from him, the CSA were involved but I closed the case as the £5 a month award wasn’t worth the hassle. Please advise.