Can I get money back from the CSA?

July 18, 2016

In August 2015, I had a child support order to cover my child support. The amount was 95.00 deducted from my part-time job. Then in August 2015, the child support agency took out an additional 890 from Social Security check too.

They have been holding the money and I got proof from the agency on a print out that I was not in areag rd and they put a 0 balance and – 843.38. However, I was evicted from my rent because I couldn’t pay my 700 rent. After, we my daughter and me, were evicted we became homeless for a month,instead my daughter found us a apartment rental in Rantoul.

The landlord refuse to rent to me, but I gave paying the rent. All the time we were homeless, I was physically sick from a Multiple Sclerosis and we lost property we had to leave in the apartment because we didn’t have enough help to move it. I want back the money the agency owes me plus my eviction and motel cost too, for them taking my money for no acreages for non payment.

I never was behind. Can this agency help me?