Can CSA refuse a private agreement?

October 25, 2015

my ex and i split up whilst she was pregnant(i didnt know ) 9 months down the line get a call to say im a dad, i was told to keep away and she didnt want a penny from me, moving on 8 years, i have had nothing but hassle from csa, taking money from my wages etc, silly amounts leaving me in really bad finacial difficulty, and the latest from my ex is that shes hardly had a penny from csa but i have paid, over the last two years they have messed up my claim, and they say im in the wrong for giving them the wrong details, even though they had all my payslips and have been in contact with my employer,( and my last award notice, they messed up the minimum protected amount i can keep, an set it higher than what i earn so ex wasnt getting a penny, i informed csaa of this but they said teh details were correct, i contacted my ex, and asked to set up a private aggrement, but she says that csa wont accept it, even though i have offered to pay her slighty more than what csa are trying to take, can they refuse??????