At least jail would give me a roof over my head

June 12, 2015

I split from my ex-partner last year and have been paying £405 a month for two that time i was fixed rate mortgage £480 a month and has now come to an end and will go upto £750 a month which i wont be able to pay,so ive been to see a free finacial advisor to see if i can move my mortgage to another borrower with a lower fee,but they are saying because of the changed circumstances and the large monthly fee the csa are taking out they are saying i wont be able to get another mortgage offer? so if i lose my house (as i cant afford to rent as its more expensive)i could lose my job as i will have no fixed abode what happens then JAIL i guess that way i will have a roof over my head and food?? i dont understand how my ex-partener needs £50 a week for each child? i dont have that kind of money for myself let alone feed myself and work 24/7.