As taxpayers we are getting ripped off twice

September 17, 2013

With regards to recent press coverage £361million is written off in fraudulent benefit claims (including Child Benefit- CHB). This directly impacts on all NRP who have to pay CSA where the PWC made fraudulent claims.

CSA state as child benefit was being paid (fraudulently or otherwise)CSA payments are required as CHB was in place at the time. CHB is CSA method of determination, no other factors are taken into account.

£361million @ 5% fraud = £18million or so, on average of £50.00 per week CSA payments which equates to 2 1/2 times CHB fraud; therefore CSA fraud can be about £45million to the NRP and a total of £64million as fraud. This is guesstimate only. So we as taxpayers are being ripped off twice.


  • Bella says:

    Do what I did, report the PWC for benefit fraud and watch her go to court and have to actually get a job to pay it all back! Theif exposed plus the kids now have a better standard of living because she actually goes to work – win:win!

    Plus it gave me some joy to hold onto when my partner is handing over booze money thanks to the fraudulent CSA.

  • Macon says:

    I was a victim of my ex claming child benifit while my son was working. I informed the Csa and after 18 months stand off I was threatened with the bailiffs at my house and prison it’s was found out my son was working on the dates I had given them 18 months previously but the best line from the senior complaints oficer from the Csa was we are sorry but as child benifit was in payment even if its was fraudulently i was still dude the money this encourages benifit fraud as even when the cheats get caught they get to keep the Csa maintenance money !

  • Originator of Trend says:

    Thank you all for the responses; I know I am not alone in this area of contention.

    Regarding the reporting for fraud, this has been done on several occasions to no avail. and departments hide behind Data Protection; they should be named and shamed in public press with last know address.

    It transpires that the former PWC who claimed the CHB + WTC fraudulent means the HMRC for DWP failed to do anything about the payments.

    As CHB was in payment the CSA require payments based on incorrect information contained with the DWP database. This is the legal exchange of information that all government agencies use for information.

    Regarding the 361 Million for last year written off , I would suggest that the DWP get real and this is deducted form their next annual budget. That way things may improve and the country would not be bailing out lame ducks all the time.

    With CHB in payment and CSA being mandatory (act of law) but never voluntary as CSA like to quote. the Actual figure of fraud / overpayments may even double or treble the amount declared to almost £1 Billion.

    Unfortunately, the former PWC fraudulent claim was in the previous FY where £1,270,000,000 (1.27 Billion) was written off by the same department. 25% of this was reported as fraud (in excess of £300 Million), the other 75% was recorded as overpayments (almost £1 Billion) which the departments deemed un recoverable from the recipients including causing hardship.

    The money received was most certainly spent with the full knowledge of the fraud / overpayment.

    Take them to court and claim costs; but do not allow misappropriation of any other public finances to be used (Legal Aid) at the tax payers expense.

  • carrie says:

    Its true, we reported that neither of the supposedly qualifying children had not attended the courses they were supposed to be attending at all in 2012 . We asked for changes of circumstances 4 times a well as mentioning it on it phone calls to them as we had our evidence. Why ought couldn’t a government agency make 2 phone calls to check. Is very wrong, we are still saddled with th arrears she lied about
    without this. When they found out that she lied about the ch/ben surely this would add credencee to the fact that she lied about is having arrears. its one thingsupporting your children but this is totally biased against the new!

  • carrie says:

    *nrp. Typing on phone, sorry.! Should also say neither qc HAVE attended college !

  • carrie says:

    *meaning academic year 2012/13 (Grrr [email protected] !)

  • John says:

    Good piece of statistical information, and probably explains why nrp’s are stitched up with fictional arrears to balance the books as the CSA and CB office turn a blind eye to fraudulent CB claims!

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