Arrears Assessment

May 24, 2008

Late last year I received an arrears assessment from CSA of over 23K. obviously I challenged this as it was the first contact I had had from the CSA since my ex wife and i separated in 1995. I appealed and am waiting for a hearing date. Following numerous phone calls it has been revealed that the arrears assessment did not take into account any housing costs for the period 1995 to November 2007 ( their admission!!).

I am currently paying 40% of my net salary (980 pounds a month ) towards these arrears and have done so for the past 5 months however, why should I be paying this amount when the hearing could be some 4 months away and I am having to default on mortgage and utilities to pay this absolute monster amount and is there anything i can do to at least repay a manageable amount until the tribunal hearing?

Thank you


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