Arrears and the Child Support Agency

June 14, 2011

I am having lots of problems with the csa.

My daughter is 17 and i am on a low income with my wife and 2 other children to look after. The csa have said i do not earn enough to pay child maintenence but i have to pay the arrears off, which i agree with and which i am doing at £25 a week out of my wages. Only they want it paying off in 2 years, which is impossible cause that works out at over £100 a week.

So they said they would take me to court over and could face prison. I said that was fine and to do it as i want an end to this now, but instead they have referred it back to the bailiffs for the 2nd time who add more money on (dont know how they expect you to pay it off this way) have no credit cards or noone we can borrow the money off and now the bailiffs are threatening to come around next week even though we have told them we dont earn enough and have nothing to sell what do these people want blood?

We are going to citizens advice next week but not holding out much hope as solicitors dont want to kno.