Arrears and Assessments

May 7, 2012

April 2010 – I had to give up work with stress and depression (bullying in the workplace) and was unfortunate enough to find another job immediately. I claimed benefits for 3-4 months before I found a temporary job – 4 months. I was then unemployed again for 6 weeks and am now employed part time. The CSA – over the last two years – have still not managed to correctly assess how much i should have been paying when I was working. When I gained this employment, I paid some monies over the phone monthly, to try and keep the arrears down.

My weekly assessment is £20.57 but they want me to pay £150 a month to clear this! I am not in a position to do so and luckily my ex doesn’t want me to pay this much as it will mean I can’t pay household expenses – RENT FOR ONE! Help please …